Embassy Dancesport World Championship ● 1st Pro/Am Youth Smooth ● 1st Pro/Am Youth Rhythm ● Los Angeles 2018


Ariel won two World Championship Smooth titles at Embassy in 2018 in both divisions of Pro/Am Junior (13-15 year old) and Youth (16-18 year old). Although her days are packed with acting, singing, and a rigorous course load from Stanford University Online High School, every week she travels three hours each way to spend a day working with her instructor and pro partner Mayo Alanen at the studio in Manhattan. Their partnership began shortly before this important competition, leaving them just six sessions to learn and prepare brand-new Smooth routines and technical skills before the World Championships at Embassy in Los Angeles.

“I have never debuted a brand-new student at a major event like Embassy before. It is always ideal to test your choreography, endurance, and personal limits at a smaller, less pressure-filled, event. What Ariel lacked in floor time and experience, she made up for with spectacular performance energy and genuine charisma.”

Mayo Alanen, Professional Ballroom Dancer, Instructor and Choreographer


Photography by Melanie Eve Barocas & Charles Ryder


September 2018