Lucky Stiff ● Lead Dancer ● French Woods Festival ● Hancock, New York


Lucky Stiff is a musical farce that was created off-Broadway in 1988 and performed in London’s West End in 1997. In the summer of 2017, Ariel was selected to serve as dance captain in Lucky Stiff at French Woods Festival of Performing Arts and danced across the stage as a human roulette wheel.

“For Lucky Stiff the cast was insanely small, but so tight knit. We worked hard to get everything pristine. Working with Ariel, she always brought her “A” game and stood out even in such a small cast full of standouts. I had worked with her the summer of 2016 in Hello Dolly. Getting teens to understand Dolly is a challenge in and of itself, but working with Ariel, I could ask her anything and she would execute it ten times over again. Without complaining.”

Roy George, Music Director, French Woods Festival of Performing Arts

Photography by Melanie Eve Barocas


August 2017


Acting Musical