Macbeth ● Lady Macbeth ● Elm Shakespeare Teen Troupe ● New Haven, CT


“In this project with Elm Shakespeare’s Teen Troupe, Ariel played Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. It was a no-brainer when I cast her in this role. Even though she was one of the younger students in the troupe, it was clear that she was ready to take on the challenge of this complex, intense, active character. It was absolutely thrilling to be in rehearsal with Ariel for this show: she was constantly bringing new questions, insights, and creative ideas to the production. It was clear that she was out-doing even herself with her preparation work.

Ariel had one of the largest roles in the show, and she was the first person to have her lines memorized. She became an inspiration to the rest of the team and shone so brightly in this role that the other students who saw what was possible when you work as hard as she does. This has been her position in the troupe ever since. The rest of the students look to her as an example in every way.”

Sarah Bowles, Education Program Manager, Elm Shakespeare Company

Photography by Melanie Eve Barocas & Erick Baumgatner


December 2017


Acting Drama