Millennium DanceSport ● 1st Pro/Am Youth & Junior Smooth ● 1st Pro/Am Youth & Junior Rhythm ● New Orleans 2018


Ariel placed 1st in all of her single dances and 1st in the Pro/Am Junior 2 & Youth Rhythm and Smooth Championships. As a result, she won prestigious scholarships for both her Rhythm and Smooth performances.

“It takes a perfect storm to create a high level dancer. I’ve been fortunate to watch this perfect storm swirl around Ariel since she began her venture into the ballroom world. Ariel may have had physical challenges at a young age to bring her to dance, but she has far surpassed just the therapeutic nature that began her journey.

Ariel understood her teachers’ insistence on working the basics from the beginning and took on the challenges with verve. For many young dancers, being guided so well isn’t enough, but Ariel also had the passionate support of family. This combination allowed her to move up the ranks quickly. Now moving into the higher divisions she continues to apply her basic training to more complex work, adding style and expression that’s just bursting to get out.

Ariel, at the center of this perfect storm, always provides a fully committed attitude with positivity that is very refreshing, never ever giving the common youth trait of entitlement. I’m looking forward to both guiding and observing her journey as it continues without limits.”

Edward Simon, U.S. Professional American Ballroom Champion, Designated World Class Judge, Choreographer for You Think You Can Dance

Photography by Alex Rowan DanceSport photography


June 2018