The Tempest ● Miranda & Sebastian ● Elm Shakespeare Teen Troupe ● New Haven, CT


“The first time I worked with Ariel as an actor, it was in Elm Shakespeare’s Teen Troupe production of The Tempest. I was impressed with Ariel’s dedication and enthusiasm for Shakespeare and, most of all, her warm personality. She is an absolute delight to work with, and her peers think so, too.

In this play, Ariel was cast as Miranda. She worked diligently with her script at home and was, therefore, always prepared to really dig in and perform beautifully in rehearsal. One of the most impressive moments was when Ariel had to step into a second role (Sebastian) because we lost a cast member. It showed her bravery and team spirit. She more than succeeded at it! In fact, it looked like she was having a blast being a villain for the first time.

It was great to see Ariel increasing her range as a young actor, simultaneously creating two very different characters and stepping in and out of them seamlessly during the show.”

Sarah Bowles, Education Program Manager, Elm Shakespeare Company


April 2017


Acting Drama